Drive & Garage Roof Cleaning.

At the Ultimate Cleaning Service, we specialise in a vast range of cleaning services for your property internally and externally. We have been offering our professional services for over thirteen years now, and offer fast turn around at the most competitive prices. Some of the services we offer include;

  • drives
  • paths
  • patios
  • walls
  • roofs
  • windows
  • gutters
  • carpets

We use specialised machinery to clean your requirements, Our jet wash we use for cleaning drives uses a Honda13.5hp engine which then after we re sand the drive it will look like new rather than the standard DIY home Jetwash machine clean. We also remove any waste and remove any cleaning over spills, e.g dirt on windows and plastics made during the clean, leaving the work carried out in A1 Condition, The Ultimate Cleaning Service.

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